What We Do
Berry Comm is one of the leading organization in Internet Advertising Industry with its wings spread over across the globe. We plan, deploy, sustain and maintain internet advertising endeavors with the innovative research and development efforts. Backed by our strong technical and marketing teams that possess quality and rich experience, we strive to stay ahead of the competitors through our commitment for excellence. We believe in the saying - "survival of the fittest" and hence we excel and stand out in such competitive markets due to our keen attention on long-term relationships and innovative solutions. The various accreditations that we have received for our products and offerings reflect our commitment towards innovation and excellence.

We take it as a challenge to come up with novice ideas and offerings to serve the dynamic Internet Advertising Industry and also to pioneer the industry as we did it with “In Image Advertising”. We aspire to be a leader with a sharp and clear vision to bring in the advancement to the Internet Advertising and to revolutionize advertising over the internet.

Our specialized media buying team makes sure that we create revenues from media buys, contextual traffic sources, social media etc.

Our Publisher Network:

Berry Comm has a global presence and has setups in various international locations. We have over 5000 publishers associated with us. Our publishers are associated with us over a longer period of time because we maintain transparent and fair deals with them. We consider them as part of our team and so they have the feeling of belongingness. So if you are a webmaster, you will find Berry Comm as the perfect destination. We have soared ahead of the competition by providing superior solutions for both publishers and advertisers.

Since inception, Berry Comm has strived to overrule the competitors while on the other hand maintaining quality leads for the advertisers. The Publisher and affiliates, we value them a lot!! We always believed in the personal touch, so we make it a point to keep healthy and personal relations with all of our affiliates and we promised ourself not to miss any payout and to always pay on time to all of our affiliates.

Analytical Analysis:

We at Berry Comm have some analytical geeks, so we have the ability to break up the data collected over the time and can extract sensible information out of it to forecast and analyze future and current market trends. We capability to understand the complex analytical data has helped us to beat our competition by huge margins.

We have employed some dedicated minds and advanced technology towards data analysis that makes us capable of successfully split testing and optimizing campaigns to their full potential.

In Image Advertising:

In Image Advertising (IIA) is the latest gem in our crown. We have pioneered the internet advertising industry with our technically advanced and innovative In Image Ads. In Image Ads offers the capability to place ads inside of the images on the websites or blogs without disrupting user’s browsing experience. IIA offers greater visibility and superb placements to the ads and thus higher CTR.