Agam Berry's Biography

Agam Berry founded Berry Communications Pvt Ltd in 2004 after several websites hit massive success, harnessing nearly a million unique visitors a day. From the instant success of these websites, the business model was reproduced and scaled into an empire of over 450 niche websites.

Mr Berry's skill sets include:

Business Administration

With assistance of our executives and trusted partners, Mr. Berry successfully directed growth of over 15 companies through reorganization and management of employees.

Web Development & Search Engine Optimization

Mr. Berry developed and organized over 450 sites and created self-sustaining interlinking strategies for SERP longevity. In addition, Agam Berry directed creation of proprietary automation technology that allows for search engine ranking dominance and content creation.

Affiliate Marketing

Agam Berry directs media planning in the internal affiliate marketing division of Berry Communications Pvt Ltd, profitable since 2005. Mr. Berry is experienced in social marketing, media buying, and contextual traffic sources. Agam Berry organized the core group of media buyers now driving over 3mm a month in revenue by creating a commission based competitive environment.

Graphic Design & Conversion Optimization

Mr. Berry has over 10 years of experience in Photoshop with a focal point on web design and advertisement creation. Expert in optimizing and creating campaigns that yield high click-though rates and most importantly, high conversions. Agam Berry has successful history of optimizing campaigns as an advertiser.